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With La Ruta de los Conquistadores underway, and all of the planning that’s been going into re-launching Lava Tours, I’ve found myself talking bucket list rides and races almost daily. It’s incredible to watch the lead cyclists in La Ruta push through sections that look thoroughly un-rideable, and then to see the sections that even the best of the best have to hike through.

I suppose the same can be said for any of the extreme rides that many of us dream about, and watching videos of those climbs, for a brief second I found myself wondering why anyone would subject themselves to that type of pain. Thankfully, I found myself riding through DC tonight, on a uniquely warm Indian Summer night, in awe of the perfect weather and light traffic that lead to flying down hills without a care in the world. It’s moments like that when I remember why we sign up for a few hours/days of torture; because as I always remind myself on a good climb, “What goes up, must eventually go down,” and there is no feeling in the world that’s comparable to going down a hill, with the wind hitting your face and experiencing the carefree, childlike joy of thinking about nothing else except for the fact that I am unbelievably lucky to be riding on a bicycle!

Bucket List (incomplete, unedited, guaranteed to change!)

  1. Shenandoah Mountain 100 (gotta finish it!)

  2. Ride Divide

  3. Breck Epic

  4. Italian Alps

  5. BC Bike Race

  6. Leadville

  7. La Ruta

  8. So many more epic rides to add!

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